BLM supporter refuses to help stranded woman in snowstorm because of Trump bumper sticker – brags about it

Love trumps hate, right?

Troy Brown, a Black Lives Matter supporter who hates Donald Trump, refused to help a stranded motorist during a brutal snowstorm in Ohio because she had a Trump bumper sticker on her car.

Brown bragged about his uncharitable deed on Facebook in a bid for 15 minutes of fame. Troy courted media attention by tagging the “Wendy Williams Show,” Roland Martin, BET and Oprah Winfrey in his gleeful Facebook post:

Brown — who frequently posts about black culture, including Black Lives Matter — then tried to profit from his misdeed by shilling T-shirts and hoodies with the hashtag he created, #CallYoPresident.

When asked on Twitter why he did it, Brown claimed: “I believe in peace and harmony.”

This isn’t the first time this winter that anti-Trumpers have wished Trump supporters would freeze to death.

Michael Turner, a propane dealer in Maine, said he will not deliver gas to anyone who voted for Trump. The owner of Turner LP Gas called the president-elect “despicable,” and doesn’t want business from his supporters.

Amazingly, Troy Brown received a lot of positive feedback from Trump haters, who said they would not lift a finger to help anyone who voted for Trump either. Some even hailed Brown as a hero, and trashed all Trump supporters as racist (even though many minorities voted for Trump).

troy-brown-refuses-trump-supporter-bumper-sticker-facebookOn Twitter (where he uses the name “Troy Dennis”), Brown was blasted by many who were disgusted by his obnoxious behavior.

Others promised that karma will bite back one day.

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