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Ann Coulter’s ‘mysterious’ men’s room Christmas card tweet is making liberals very uncomfortable

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When it comes to conservative firebrand Ann Coulter, liberals don’t need much of a reason to engage. Case in point is the reaction to a tweet Coulter posted bright and early Christmas morning.

Making a statement on illegal immigration, the tweet featured a photo of a door marked with the words “Build the Wall,” along with this caption: “My Christmas card: 7-Eleven Men’s Room Door, Bonner Springs, Kansas, today…”

Mediaite’s Lindsey Ellefson highlighted the tweet, along with the question: “Why was she in the men’s room of a 7-Eleven in Kansas?”

“There are already a few good mysteries associated with Jesus and his birthday, but yesterday, Ann Coulter added one more,” Ellefson wrote.

But there’s no way to know from the photo whether it was the inside of the door or the outside, though Ellefson acknowledged she is making an “assumption.” Proving she has never been inside a 7-Eleven bathroom, she goes on to question whether is had multiple stalls or not.

Oddly, with gender equality being all the rage, she didn’t sing Coulter’s praise for using the men’s room.

Liberals voiced their profound disapproval for the message written on the door, which Coulter was happy to showcase:

Regardless, aside from the anticipated hate from the left, there were plenty of social media users who agreed with Coulter and cheered her on.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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