US Navy suddenly drops unpopular push for gender neutrality – another example of Trump’s power?

To the victor goes the spoils…

In a move that was surely triggered by the election of Donald Trump as president, the U.S. Navy has scuttled its efforts to be more politically correct.

In an ill-fated attempt at social engineering, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus endeavored to eliminate “sexist” job titles — which is any title ending in “-man,” such as “corpsman.”

But Mabus, who justified his policy by saying, “It’s time to quit segregating women,” dropped the initiative last week, according to the New York Post.

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Mabus champions gender neutrality in the Navy and Marine Corps, according to the Marine Corp Times, which noted that his decision to alter job titles was so unpopular with rank and file sailors that a petition to the White House has been signed 103,760 times since Sept. 29.

And while President Barack Obama was not expected to intervene, with Trump a few weeks from taking office, the Post stressed that a radical shift in priorities is all but a given:

Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson put up the white flag just before Christmas, announcing that the effort to abandon longstanding Navy practice “was unnecessary and detracted from accomplishing our goals.” A spokesman for Mabus then said the secretary agreed.

Mabus may also have realized that the Trump administration was sure to junk the initiative anyway, given the president-elect’s attitude toward all things politically correct.

It’s an excellent bet that the next Navy secretary will ditch the social engineering — and focus on getting the fleet into shape.




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