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Chris Wallace: People underestimated Ronald Reagan, are they doing the same with Trump?

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Noting the reception Ronald Reagan received from Democratic insiders in D.C., who called him an “amiable dunce,” Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace asked whether President-elect Donald Trump is being “dismissed in the same way.”

“There was an underestimating of Ronald Reagan as a person and a leader, and I wonder if there isn’t the same about Donald Trump,” Wallace said.

Guest panelist Gerald Seib, the Washington bureau chief for the Wall Street Journal, agreed with Wallace’s observation at D.C. Christmas parties of insiders predicting a “disaster” with Trump.

As for Reagan, Seib said he was smart enough to surround himself with people who made up for his deficiencies.

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“[Reagan] had a vision, he had an ideology,” he added. “Donald Trump doesn’t have a vision or an ideology. He’s transactional.”

But that did not stop him from conceding to events over the year that culminated in Trump being elected president.

“We’ve been through a year of underestimating Donald Trump and there’s ample reason to think that will continue,” Seib said.

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