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Fox News’ newest superstar described as ‘bacon-wrapped pork belly deep fried in a bag of prison Cheetos’ – a good thing, we think

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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld offered up the highest praise for his colleague Tucker Carlson on the launch of his new show on the network.

“If TV news were oatmeal, Tucker’s is bacon-wrapped pork belly deep-fried in a bag of prison Cheetos. Stepped on by a Bolivian businessman,” Gutfeld wrote about “Tucker Carlson Tonight” in a post published by Fox.


He referred to Carlson, whom he said he’s known for a few years, as “a jovial, neurosis-free rapscallion who could use a decent dry cleaner.”


After watching “Tucker’s stoic pucker ” since the show debuted a few weeks ago, Gutfeld concluded:

Where one’s voice might be raised, or an instinct to insult might arise — Tucker merely laughs like a viewer, as the panicked guest implodes before his mild repetition. Any guest’s evasive maneuvering Tucker finds politely annoying, as he gently tries to tug the guest back to his question, as though he’s reigning in a distracted pug. You can’t call him mean, or angry, or remotely ideological or sensational. He’s a gentleman, which throws so many people off.

Gutfeld observed that Carlson’s show is different than others because of the host’s personality and ability to land an interview the way a surfer catches an epic wave, as he “simply rides an absurd guest to the shore.”

“Tucker’s interviews work because he’s not interested in humiliating anyone. He lets them handle that job,” Gutfeld wrote. “I predict big things for this guy.”

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