Rush on the ‘dirty little secret’ everybody in Dem Party knows, but would never say it while Obama is still in

Rush Limbaugh believes the Democratic Party has “bitten the dust” and the credit can go to President Obama.

The conservative radio icon berated Democrats Friday on “The Rush Limbaugh Show” for continuing to focus on President-elect Donald Trump instead of looking at their own party moving forward. He also suggested that Obama has “destroyed” his own party.

“The long knives are coming out. Now, let me give you the dirty little secret,” Limbaugh said.  “Everybody in the Democrat Party knows this. They would never say it while Obama is still in office, and many wouldn’t say it even after he left. But there isn’t a Democrat in politics alive who does not know what the Obama presidency has meant for the Democrat Party around the country.”

Limbaugh argued that it is “inarguable” that Obama “put his agenda on the record” and that agenda was rejected with the election of Trump.

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“As the race for power in the Democrat Party intensifies, this is where the honesty begins to surface,” Limbaugh said.

“Obama destroyed this party, folks.  Literally has destroyed this party while elevating himself to whatever heights, if he’s really achieved them. I still don’t believe it, but I’ll go along with the flow for now,” he added.

“But the party has bitten the dust,” Limbaugh concluded. “It was happening right in front of our faces, and we didn’t have the confidence to believe it ’cause of the media. We believed the media was convincing 80% of the American people of the opposite, and it turned out that wasn’t true, either.”

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