‘Outnumbered’ on Trump’s ‘checkmate machine’: I like having a president-elect who is tweeting back at ‘bogus’ stuff

Donald Trump should keep tweeting after he takes office.

At least that’s what Fox News guest host Rachel Campos-Duffy said on “Outnumbered.”

Rachel, the wife of Congressman Sean Duffy (R-Wis), is glad Trump tweets to clear up fake news because he gets treated so unfairly by the biased mainstream media.

“As a Republican, I am so happy to have a leader who is tweeting back on this stuff and punching back for once, because this is the kind of ‘bogus’ — using Bill Clinton’s words — stuff that they do,” Campos-Duffy said.

Campos-Duffy referenced a comment former president Bill Clinton made to reporters the previous day, when he insulted Trump and claimed the billionaire had called him after the election.

rachel-campos-duffy-likes-trump-twitterThe impeached former president also took a swipe at Trump supporters: “He doesn’t know much. One thing he does know is how to get angry, white men to vote for him.”

Trump then took to Twitter to correct the record, saying Bill Clinton had called him — not the other way around.

The brash billionaire then clapped back at Clinton’s condescending remark that he “doesn’t know much.”



While mainstream liberal media have been urging Trump to stop tweeting, others hope he continues, saying Twitter is the best way for him to get his message out directly to his supporters and the world, unfiltered by media spin.

Trump loyalists say the “lying liberal press” is just upset because they’ve lost control of the narrative, and Trump can bypass them and communicate directly to millions of people.



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