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Classless Chrissy Teigen wants Trump to know fabulously rich, spoiled ‘celebs are people too’

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Fashion model Chrissy Teigen threw some serious shade at President-elect Donald Trump on Friday, reminding him that … fabulously rich celebrities are people too.

Taking to Twitter, Teigen opted to speak for all her affluent liberal friends to insist that Trump is “dying” without their approval:

“Hi – we are people. You are our president too. I don’t want you to be, but u are,” she tweeted, before adding, “Also we ALL know you are dying without the approval, dear.”


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Teigen referred to Trump as “a sociopath” in the lead up to the election and Friday’s remark was a reaction to a tweet from Trump on Thursday saying he preferred “the PEOPLE” over Hillary Clinton supporting A-list celebrities at his inauguration:


Not content with proving she has no tact, Teigen was determined to show she lacks class, responding to a comment from someone with 76 followers with a hearty “F**k Off.”

But social media users were quick to give Teigen a harsh dose of reality… here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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