Alec Baldwin says he doesn’t hate Trump, he REALLY wants to bring someone else ‘to his f#%*ing knees’

Temperamental Hollywood Alec Baldwin has a newfound interest in seeing Russian President Vladimir Putin on his knees.


Baldwin, who has been getting plenty of attention for his portrayal of Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live,” took to Twitter two days before Christmas to condemn Russia for its alleged meddling in U.S. elections, culminating with a call to counter-attack with the “mother of all cyber-attacks [and] bring Putin to his f#%*ing knees.”

And while Baldwin’s angst toward Putin is up there, he insisted during an interview with The New York Times published on Friday that he does not hate Trump.

…despite the actors recent words and actions.

“I don’t hate him. I want him to enjoy his life,” Baldwin said. “I just want him to not be the president of the United States — as quickly as possible.”

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As recently as Thursday, Baldwin took to social media to call Trump “the most reviled candidate in our history,” before saying “Inauguration Day means the beginning of the countdown to when he will be gone.”

He also offered to perform at the inauguration… in jest:

While Baldwin’s fan club may appreciate his humor, social media users had a far different reaction… here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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