Remember the propane dealer who refused to sell to Trump voters? He’s not even licensed to sell propane

Remember that propane dealer in Maine who said he would no longer sell heating gas to Trump voters? Well, it looks like he’s in trouble with the law because he’s been selling propane illegally without a dealer’s license since 2012.

You may recall the story of propane dealer Michael Turner, from Skowhegan, Maine? After the election Turner, who operates Turner LP Gas, said he would no longer sell to any Trump voter because Donald Trump is “despicable” and “the Antichrist.”

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Turner said he thought he might lose some business but said he didn’t care.

Since his story broke across the nation, Mr. Turner ended up getting quite a lot of notice. But it looks like some of the notice he got was unwelcome because the state licensing board realized that Turner let his propane dealer license lapse way back in 2012 and has been selling propane illegally ever since, according to

With this news going public it is likely that who ever is selling gas to Turner will cut HIM off because he isn’t licensed to sell their volatile product and selling to him opens them up to lawsuits and government sanctions.

Meanwhile, Turner has been trying to distance himself from his anti-Trump outburst. He took the anti-Trump message off his phone system and also canceled the option for callers to leave a message to avoid the whole discussion.

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Many people who criticized Turner were disgusted that he would let Maine residents freeze just based on their vote for president. As one reviewer wrote on his Google review page, “I would never let a person go cold based on their political affiliations. Thanks for affirming why voting Trump was the right choice.”

H/T Gateway Pundit.

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