While libs pile on to victim-blame Ivanka, one outspoken anti-Trump celeb comes to her defense

“There has to be a certain amount of respect.”

While many liberals continue going off against Ivanka Trump after she was verbally attacked on a commercial flight, actor and talk show host George Lopez — no fan of her father President-elect Donald Trump — sees it differently.

Clip via TMZ

“How about if you were traveling with your family and somebody went off on you?” he asked TMZ.

And that’s exactly what happened when the first daughter boarded a JetBlue flight with her husband and family and a crazed fellow passenger launched into a rage, demanding to know why she was on that flight.

When Lopez was asked whether Brooklyn attorney Dan Goldstein, the irate passenger, would become a legend for confronting Ivanka, he said, “He’ll become a legend on Greyhound,” because “he won’t be able to fly.”

Lopez’s common sense approach isn’t one shared by his fellow-liberals — including media outlets. In fact, they don’t even call it an act of harassment or confrontation. They call it something else. Think Progress editor Judd Legum called it “talking.”

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Yahoo News also got into the act, calling the man’s screaming “questioning.”

Talking Points Memo also chose minimize the man’s shouts, calling them jeers.

Heat street contributor and The Wilderness editor Stephen Miller observed:

And even those who recognized the harassment for what it was shifted blame from the harasser to the harassed — Ivanka Trump. Her sin? counseling her father.

Columnist for The Guardian and self-described feminist author Jessica Valenti promoted this notion in a string of tweets.

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Haven’t we seen this “blame the victim” approach used before? Oh yes — in rape cases.

Yeah, that’s the one. Pathetic.

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