Kellyanne Conway fires back at critics, then spanks 2 presidents and a Fox News host with one sentence

Kellyanne Conway fired back at her critics and took a shot at two presidents — one former and one about to be former — all in one breath Thursday.

President-elect Donald Trump’s former campaign manager and about-to-be presidential counsellor was asked how she planned to juggle her upcoming White House duties while raising four young children.

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Clip via Fox Business Network

The non-issue was brought on during her appearance on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings With Maria” by host Maria Bartiromo.

It didn’t appear to be a concern of Bartiromo’s but rather Fox News “The Five” co-host Juan Williams.

“It’s funny, we were talking with Juan Williams earlier, and he was questioning, ‘Well, Kellyanne has four kids. How’s she going to do it?’” observed Bartiromo.

Conway has two 12-year-olds, an 8-year-old and a 7-year-old.

“I would say that I don’t play golf, and I don’t have a mistress, so I have a lot of time that a lot of these other men don’t,” she said, smacking President Obama (golf), former President Clinton (mistresses) and Juan Williams all at once.

That’s what you call multi-tasking, baby!

“I see people on the weekend spending an awful lot of time on their golf games, and that’s their right, but the kids will be with me. We live in the same house, and they come first.”


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