Celebs arguing Rockettes shouldn’t be ‘forced’ to perform at Inauguration swiftly exposed as total frauds

Celebrities live in a bubble where their hypocrisy must not be apparent to them.

Following a social media post by a member of the Rockettes in which she whined because she didn’t want to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration, celebrities chimed in to offer their support.

The same celebrities who think taxpayers ought to fund abortions against their will, Catholics need to provide birth control to employees against their beliefs and bakers must bake cakes for gay couples despite their religious objections, now believe in freedom of choice based on one’s convictions.

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Enter Lisa Bloom, a legal analyst for NBC News and staunch Trump hater.

You don’t say?

Left wing zealot, gay activist, and “Star-Trek” actor George Takei also took a swipe.

And they weren’t the only celebrities to feign outrage.

What do you call people who fight for a cause, but only when it suits their own ideology? Oh yeah, frauds.

Many on social media found the blinding hypocrisy unreal.


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Carmine Sabia


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