NFL’s Barry Switzer has a blast ‘jerking around’ the MSM at Trump Tower: ‘I laughed my a** off’

It looks like former Dallas Cowboys and University of Oklahoma football coach Barry Switzer punked the media something fierce with his claim to have met with President-Elect Donald J. Trump in New York’s Trump Towers and now he’s having the last laugh over the media’s “fake news” gullibility.

A few weeks ago when a parade of people meeting with Trump began lining up in New York, coach Switzer said he was one of those meeting with the President-Elect. But it now turns out the coach only happened to be in the Big Apple at the time shopping with his wife and went into Trump Tower for a Stabucks.

Still when the media recognized him that day and began quizzing him on why he was there, Switzer decided to prank the media and tell them he was meeting with our next president. At the time Switzer told the media with a straight face that he was going to become Trump’s “Secretary of Offense.”

Switzer is now admitting that he was only “jerking people around” and he never met with Trump at all.

“Then I went back to my hotel and laughed my ass off,” the coach said this week. “It went everywhere. Everyone believed it. I had all these calls, but I was just jerking people around.”

There was a long list of media outlets that originally reported that Switzer was meeting with Trump, noted. It seems they all missed the “Secretary of Offense” part as a clue to the joke, though.


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