New poll shows about as many who approve of Obama want Trump to reverse course

While a new poll showed President Obama enjoying positive job approval ratings, nearly as many favor a reversal of his achievements by Donald Trump.

Obama garnered a 54 percent approval rating for his performance, and 50 percent believe he will be remembered as a good or great president, according to a new USA Today/Suffolk poll. Interestingly, two respondents said they had “never heard of” Obama.

At the same time, 59 percent believe President-elect Trump will “significantly dismantle Obama’s legacy” and 45 percent of those think this is “a good thing.”

Of course, it is 78 percent of Republicans who would see it as a good thing, while only 20 percent of remaining Democrats would.  As for independent voters, 40 percent of them believe Trump undoing Obama’s accomplishments would be a good thing.

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Americans were divided on whether the Affordable Care Act is Obama’s biggest achievement or his biggest failure.

Trump’s approval rating for the job he has done so far, before even assuming office, is a slim 41 percent, with 38 percent equally “alarmed” or “hopeful” about his presidency.

The president-elect should do what needs to be done in office, 50 percent believe, even if it means changing some of his campaign promises.

Looking ahead to 2020, 62 percent of Democrats and Independents think Hillary Clinton should not run again.

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