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‘Lots of sleazy stuff’ coming out after Rahm Emanuel is forced to release ‘trove’ of private emails

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The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree…

Much like President Barack Obama’s former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, his former chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, employed a private email address as mayor of Chicago.

Having lost a court battle to keep the contents of the account from the public, Emanuel released “a trove of messages” on Wednesday that promises plenty of entertainment as they are sorted through.

More from Chicago Sun Times:

After fighting in court to keep his private email accounts completely concealed from public view, Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Wednesday released a trove of messages from throughout his nearly six years in office and announced a new city ban on using private email to conduct official business.

The records released by his administration showed Emanuel has frequently used a private Gmail account and another personal, unofficial email address — [email protected] — to communicate with top aides, business leaders, political supporters, national media figures and others who wanted to discuss city government with him.

Emanuel’s reversal followed more than a year of litigation to stonewall Freedom of Information requests filed by the Better Government Association and the Chicago Tribune. The lengthy legal battle was contrary to Emanuel’s campaign promise to shine the light on city government and run a transparent administration.


Below are a sampling of some of the emails uncovered so far, as well as the reaction on social media to the “sleazy stuff.” The reaction was so stong #RahmDump trended on Twitter Thursday morning, though how disgusted Democrats are is up for debate:

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