Interrogator says terrorists will use ‘political correctness’ to America’s demise, plan to ‘outbreed non-Muslims’

Psychologist and former CIA contractor Dr. James Mitchell, who interrogated 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, went on Fox News’ “The Kelly File” Wednesday to talk about the recent spate of terror attacks around the world and what he considers one of the leading causes – “political correctness.”

Referring to Berlin truck attack leading suspect Anis Amri, Mitchell said, “[It] was political correctness and their unwillingness to get this person out of their country who had no business being there because he didn’t have the right paperwork to prove who he was.”

Mitchell has strong reasons to believe as he does, having first-hand knowledge of how the terrorist mind works. In fact, he had Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, or KSM, discussed so-called “lone-wolf”-style attacks in the wake of the D.C. sniper attacks in 2002.


“For him, what surprised him was how much paralysis it caused given how few deaths were involved, few from his perspective,” Mitchell said of KSM. “And what he said to me was our civil liberties and our openness and our willingness to be responsive to other peoples’ cultures … were weaknesses and flaws that his God, Allah, had put into the American culture so that we could be defeated.”

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Mohammed, like many other Islamic extremists, wants to win “the long battle to take over the world with Sharia law,” and the easiest way to do this is “through immigration and by outbreeding non-Muslims.”

“He said that like-minded jihadi brothers would immigrate to Western democracies and to the United States, they would wrap themselves in our civil liberties for protection,” Mitchell told host Sandra Smith, “they would support themselves in our welfare systems while they spread their jihadi message, and then, when the time was right, they would rise up and attack.”


“Here’s the way political correctness works for a guy like KSM. It allows them to ratchet up the focus on Sharia law without us pushing back on it. And we end up inadvertently imposing on ourselves the blasphemy laws of Sharia because we cut back on the things that they find offensive. We change the way we dress. We don’t have Christmas parties anymore. We don’t say Merry Christmas to each other on the street. Women have to have headgear. They set up these enclaves, and out of these enclaves they try to impose sharia on those people who come into them. We simply have to not let that happen.”

Like President-elect Donald Trump, Mitchell believes the U.S. should “slow down” immigration from countries that promote terrorism.

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“I hope there’s gonna be change, because here’s the way political correctness works for a guy like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: It allows them to operate in our midst without being challenged.”

Watch the video HERE.

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