‘Sellout’ – ‘Pantsuit Nation’ members turn on their leader

The founder of a popular pro-Hillary Clinton Facebook page has come under fire from her own followers for being a “sellout.”

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Libby Chamberlain, the founder of the “Pantsuit Nation” page, announced on Monday that she signed a book deal that would utilize stories and posts from the group and its members.

“I am *beyond* excited to announce that there is going to be a book. A Pantsuit Nation book. A book of YOU. A book BY YOU,” she wrote. “A permanent, beautiful, holdable, snuggle-in-bed-able, dogear-able, shareable, tearstainable book. Your voices. Your stories. Our community. Our project. Our message of hope and change.”

Exactly what change did Clinton offer?

Chamberlain told the millions of the group’s followers that she would ask for permission to use the stories from the page before publishing them.

And Chamberlain wasn’t done there.

“When Hillary Clinton implored us on November 9, 2016 to ‘make sure [our] voices are heard going forward,’ I took that to heart. It’s the ultimate call to action.” she wrote.

Clinton’s call to action is why Chamberlain said she “filed the paperwork to establish Pantsuit Nation as 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) nonprofit organizations. These organizations will support the advocacy, education, and political action efforts we have already seen grow out of Pantsuit Nation, and will continue to be a part of our work in the future.”

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But many in her group were not happy with the book idea.


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If those comments are any indication, her book won’t be short of drama.

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