Sean Spicer, others jab ‘heartless’ Chuck Schumer for firing certain Dem staffers a week before Christmas

Chuck Schumer is the Grinch that stole Christmas this year.

The incoming Senate Minority Leader fired more than a half-dozen longtime staffers of the Senate Democratic Media Center a week before Christmas (so much for the myth of liberal compassion).

In his usual pass-the-buck fashion, Schumer (D-NY) apparently blames the in-house video production staff for the heavy losses the Democratic Party suffered in the November elections.

Sean Spicer, communications director of the Republican National Committee, jabbed at Senator Schumer’s heartless actions on Twitter.

The firings are part of a plan to revamp the Democrats’ video production unit to help Senate Democrats get their message out in the New Year.

Critics say part of the reason why Democrats lost control of the House of Representatives and the Senate is that the party failed to connect to working-class voters, who once were the backbone of the Democratic Party.

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Schumer thinks producing sharper, more creative digital content will revamp the party, a senior Democratic aide told Fox News.

Still, the decision to fire longtime workers right before Christmas was slammed as heartless by many on social media.

A Republican Senate aide called the timing of the firings “brutal,” but isn’t surprised.

“Job creation has never been a strength of the Democrats,” the aide said. “But firing staffers just days before the holidays so they can play catch-up is pretty brutal.”

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