NY Times uses Pew religion study to mock Christians as ‘less educated’ than other religions

By Alex Nitzberg

Did the New York Times just imply that American Christians are stupid?

The Media Research Center blasted a New York Times article titled “Christians in U.S. Are Less Educated Than Religious Minorities, Report Says,” calling the article’s title a “mocking headline.”

A study by Pew Research examining the educational attainment of people in different religions revealed that individuals identified as Christians achieve the second highest level of education worldwide (9.3 years), while Jews achieve the highest level of all religious groups (13.4 years).

While the Pew study revealed high educational levels for those identified as Christians throughout the world, the Times highlighted the following information in its report:

“There were 267 million Christians in the United States when the data was collected, but only 36 percent of them had a postsecondary education, including college or a vocational school, the researchers said. That made them the least-educated religious group in the country.”

“Jews in the United States were more than twice as likely as Christians to have a postsecondary degree, and Hindus were almost three times as likely, Pew said. Buddhists, Muslims and those who said they were religiously unaffiliated were also more likely to have a college degree than those who identified themselves as Christians.”


The Times also pointed out that Christians, “…in North America had 12.7 years of schooling on average, higher than the average of 9.3 years among Christians globally.”

Citing Conrad Hackett of Pew Research, the Times noted, “That is largely a byproduct of immigration policies that favor highly educated and highly skilled applicants who have the financial means to set up life in a new country.”

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Allowing more open immigration in the United States would allow less educated migrants to enter, and the New York Times “…would eventually no longer be able to mock American Christians as being the least educated religion, given the influx of lower-educated immigrants,” The Media Research Center asserted.

Many people on Twitter attacked the New York Times:




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