Michael Moore turns to Plan B after Electoral College heartbreaker

Obnoxious filmmaker Michael Moore is beside himself — no easy task – that Donald Trump cleared the latest hurdle, such as it was, when the Electoral College formalized his election victory on Monday.

With his antics to coax electors to vote for someone other than Trump failing, Moore took to Twitter to point out there’s still 4 1/2 weeks before Trump moves into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and appeals for new ideas to stop the diabolical event from taking place.

Hillary Clinton loses MORE electoral votes than Trump, one third dumped her in Washington

In a world where there’s just one standard in the media, some journalists may take issue with such an inflammatory remark… but then, it is Michael Moore:

Of all the reaction to Moore’s bellyaching, one managed to rise above of the rest in its sheer brilliance:


Here are additional responses from Twitter:

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