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Journo admits having Electoral win tantrum, but response he gets gives him something to really cry about

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Is anyone tired of winning yet?

In the wake of yet another, albeit expected, win by Donald Trump yesterday, this time in the official Electoral College vote, liberal tears just keep making the victory all the sweeter.

Hillary Clinton loses MORE electoral votes than Trump, one third dumped her in Washington

Check out this Tweet sent out by Binge Worthy host, journalist, and former MSNBC host, Touré yesterday:


Twitchy accurately pegged Touré for being a “whiny man-child” after making his public confession.

Thankfully for poor Touré, he had plenty of supporters to help hold his hand.


But on the negative side (for Touré at least), lots of Trump supporters chimed in as well and really gave him something to cry about.

Bill Clinton’s ‘angry white male’ slander drew plenty of fire, but Ann Coulter’s response won the internet




Indeed, every day has been like Christmas since this election!

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