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Gorka echoes Trump after terror attacks and reveals familiar ‘concept designed to make Americans stupid’

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Americans need to be more aware of the ideology of terrorists, according to Sebastian Gorka who echoed President-elect Donald Trump’s call for a change in thinking by the “civilized world.”

Gorka argued that alleged terror attacks in Europe on Monday were all related and not the result of lone wolf terror.

“I completely reject it. Lone wolf is a concept designed to make Americans stupid. There is no such thing as lone wolf terrorism,” the national security expert said on “Fox & Friends,” responding to Monday’s attack that left at least 12 people dead and dozens injured after a truck plowed through a Berlin Christmas market.

The shooting death of the Russian ambassador to Turkey and the shooting at a mosque in Zurich, Switzerland on Monday are also all related by the “ideology of jihadism” Gorka argued.

President-elect Donald Trump seemed to understand this premise by calling out  the attacks as acts of terror, urging the “civilized world” to change its thinking on terrorism.

Gorka noted that the terrorists are targeting Christians in America and Europe and it’s time for everyone to accept that this is not a far-off war.

“The front line in this war is when you leave the house in the morning,” he said.

The terrorists do not act in isolation, however, Gorka explained.

“People aren’t just sitting in their basement one day, go on the internet and suddenly become jihadis; that is bogus,” he said. “They buy into the narrative of jihad. They choose that lifestyle, and then they kill the infidel.”

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