‘Common Core math?’ Here’s how many more votes were counted than actual voters in Hillary-loving Detroit

Remember when Democrats slammed Donald Trump for suggesting there was voter fraud during the election campaign?

Pro-Trump actor Rob Schneider’s brilliantly funny analogy about Dems and Russia sets off mad triggers!

Wonder what they have to say about Detroit reportedly casting 782 more votes than it has voters.

President-elect Trump won the state of Michigan, 47.5 percent to 47.3 percent, according to results submitted to the Michigan Secretary of State, the Detroit Free Press reported.

But former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton left Trump far behind in the city of Detroit, where she won 95 percent of the vote.

And while it appears Democratic voters in Detroit cheated to get their candidate elected, they must not have cheated enough.

Must be hard to face the double humiliation of cheating and still losing and realizing that voters “cheated a lot harder for Obama.”

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Frieda Powers


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