‘This is MY America!’ Woman throws dramatic fit at Wisconsin Electors over win everyone knew was coming

Aren’t liberal tears delicious?

This one even flings her fists and gnashes her teeth, toddler-style, in response to Wisconsin’s Electors casting their votes for, you know, the overwhelming winner in her state, Donald Trump.

Pro-Trump actor Rob Schneider’s brilliantly funny analogy about Dems and Russia sets off mad triggers!

With the crowd mindlessly chanting “change, change, change,” the woman got up and shouted to officials up front, “Every one of you, you’re pathetic! You don’t deserve to be in America.”

And then the kicker: “This is MY America.”

Well, alrighty then!

Watch the hilarious video below:


Predictably, the lady drew more than a little social media attention:



And finally, this pretty much says it all!

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