Trump press pool goes off-the-record for Mar-a-Lago holiday reception, liberal media calls them ‘spineless’

Donald Trump knows how to entertain, even those who vilify him.

The president-elect hosted a Christmas cocktail party for his press pool at his swanky Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

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While the Sunday evening shindig was off the record, reporters were allowed to share photos on social media.

The press pool was treated to a tasty spread of assorted cold cuts and Trump champagne.

Trump popped in for 30 minutes accompanied by wife Melania, Reince Preibus, Kellyanne Conway, spokesman Jason Miller, and Stephen Miller.

Afterward, Trump went to dinner at his private club at the Trump International golf course.

Not surprisingly, mainstream liberal media who didn’t attend the party slammed their fellow journos for having a little fun, calling them “spineless” and “insane.”

Others even asked Twitter for help in identifying the reporters in attendance, so they can shame them publicly.

Meanwhile, these same virtue-signaling media said nothing when liberal media outlets CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, New York Times, and the Washington Post enjoyed a cozy relationship with the Hillary Clinton campaign and attended secret dinners where they colluded on pro-Hillary press coverage.

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hillary-wikileaks-reporter-collusionConservative media were not invited to these secret press gatherings. And the public would never have found out about Hillary’s army of “friendly reporters” had it not been for Wikileaks email dumps.

Is it any wonder Trump has expressed contempt for the “lying press,” and that 94% of the public do not trust the media?

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