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Alpha Males are back! Gorka suggests a hot new bumper sticker

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Security expert Sebastian Gorka perfectly described the transition from the Obama era to the Trump’s America.

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Gorka, a Fox News commentator, author, security expert, and Breitbart News contributor posted his celebration of the end of the “pajama boys” on his Twitter feed.

The “Defeating Jihad” author appeared on the Sean Hannity show noting that Obama has never lived in the real world with his foreign policy, especially in the Mid East.

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“The fact is, this is all going to end on January the 21st,” Gorka said to Hannity. “Our foreign policy has been a disaster, we’ve neglected and abandoned our allies, we’ve emboldened our enemies. You know the message I have is a very simple one. It’s a bumper sticker, Sean. ‘The era of pajama boy is over January 20th and the Alpha Males are back.”

Barring some major illicit action by the Democrats with the Electoral College, Donald Trump will get his chance to put an end to the namby-pamby Pajama boys of the Democrat Party and put some muscle back into U.S. foreign policy.


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