Talk about influence: Trump trashes Vanity Fair and look what happens to magazine subscriptions

As unlikely as it appears, President-elect Donald Trump may still be coming to grips with just how much influence he has on the American people.

…and how to best govern that influence.

Either that or a report of new Vanity Fair subscribers misplaced a decimal point.

Trump took the magazine to task on Twitter this week over a very negative review of Trump Grill — Vanity Fair said it could be the worst restaurant in America.

As damning as Trump’s assessment may be, a Condé Nast spokesperson told Folio Magazine it broke a record for Vanity Fair subscriptions by a hundredfold the day of Trump’s tweet.

“This was the highest number of subscriptions sold in a single day ever at Condé Nast,” the spokesperson said.

Folia also said the Trump Grille critique received 1 million unique views after the Trump response.

Either way, Vanity Fair is looking to take advantage of all the attention Trump has steered its way. The magazine now features a new banner on its website that reads: “The magazine Trump doesn’t what you to read. Subscribe now!”

Donald Trump: Making magazines subscriptions great again… should he expect a royalty check?


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Tom Tillison


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