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Keith Olbermann’s unhinged response to Trump so unnerving it has folks calling for Secret Service

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Political commentator Keith Olbermann has been unhinged since the election of Donald Trump but many believe his recent rhetoric crossed a threatening line.

Earlier this week the GQ Special Correspondent claimed that Russia engineered a successful coup to place Trump in the White House.

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In yet another video, he called on Americans to stop Trump “by any legal means.”

But Olbermann really raised eyebrows on Thursday with his response to Trump’s tweets about the claims that Russia hacked the election.

Olbermann called the president-elect a “Russian whore” and threatened “we will get you.”

Imagine if something similar had been said to President Obama following his election in 2008.

Many on social media thought the crazed savant might be getting a visit from the Secret Service in the near future.

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