Lindsey Graham says Russians hacked his campaign, then offers Trump some condescending advice

When asked if he believes Russia “swayed” the November election, Sen. Lindsey Graham told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer no, but acknowledged that his campaign email account was hacked by the Russians, who he says were interfering in the election — despite Donald Trump’s skepticism.

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“I think Hillary Clinton lost because she wasn’t an agent of change and she tried to disqualify Trump and she wasn’t able to do it,” Graham said.

Despite that assessment, Graham, who is no fan of President-elect Donald Trump, took the opportunity to Trump some condescending advice.

“Don’t be like [President] Obama, don’t lay down in the face of Russian aggression,” Graham said.

Interesting advice given the fact that Trump is not usually compared to Obama in similar terms, and the president-elect certainly doesn’t seem to be a fan of “backing down.”

Ironically, it wasn’t that long ago that Graham was telling Trump to be more like Obama… at least when it comes to immigration.

“I do believe the Russians hacked into the DNC. I do believe they hacked into [John] Podesta’s email account. They hacked into my campaign account,” he said. “I do believe that all the information released publicly hurt Clinton and didn’t hurt Trump. I don’t think the outcome of the election is in doubt.”

Graham, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, went on to explain it’s bigger than trying to help Trump, saying Russia is “trying to destabilize democracy all over the world,” and he called on Trump to push back with crippling sanctions.

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“And if you don’t, the Chinese and the Iranians are going to see this as weakness — and they’ll come after us when we take them on.”

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