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Even after UGLY campaign Conway can’t stomach Earnest’s ‘breathtaking’ remarks on Trump and Russia

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If you’re going to make something up, expect to get called out on it.

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Donald Trump senior aide Kellyanne Conway fired back at White House chief spokesman Josh Earnest Friday for an earlier remark he’d made about the president-elect.

Clip via Fox News Channel

Earnest claimed at Wednesday’s daily press briefing that there was “ample evidence” to conclude Trump was aware of and even called on Russia to “hack his opponent.”

Earnest’s statement was speculative and not based on any apparent evidence.

Conway was asked about this at about the 4:55 mark into her interview on “Fox & Friends.” And it’s clear from Conway’s answer that even the seasoned former-campaign manager found Earnest’s remarks hard to believe.

“That is just remarkable. That is breathtaking. I guess he’s auditioning to be a political pundit after his job is over soon,” Conway said after being shown a clip of Earnest’s remarks.

“That is incredibly disappointing to hear from the podium of the White House press secretary because he…essentially stated that the president-elect had knowledge of this, maybe even fanned the flames.”

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Folks on social media racked it up as a case of “same old, same old” for the Obama administration.

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Left unsaid by Earnest was Hillary Clinton’s own well-documented Russian connection — that one for profit.

One person went after Conway for sticking up for her boss, but was soon set straight.


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