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Pamela Geller strikes back after ‘mancut’ Megyn Kelly calls her a ‘hateful person’

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Pamela Geller is all for free speech, but she won’t let anyone get away with insulting her character.

The conservative commentator smacked down Fox News host Megyn Kelly for calling her “a hateful person” in an interview last week.

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“Pam Geller, who there’s no question is a hateful person … held this ‘Draw Muhammad’ contest down in Texas,” Kelly told NPR.

Ironically, Kelly made the dig while defending Geller’s right to host the event. Geller is an outspoken critic of radical Islamism.

The “Draw Muhammad” contest was an apparent homage to the 2015 Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris, where 12 people were killed by radical Islamic terrorists after the satirical French magazine published cartoons poking fun at the Muslim prophet Muhammad.

Almost as if to prove Geller’s point, the event was besieged by two gunmen and a bomb threat.

Geller is used to criticism, insults, and even death threats from Muslims and others who disagree with her conservative viewpoints, but was taken aback that Kelly called her a “hateful person” even though the two had never met.

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“It’s an extraordinary statement by a ‘journalist’ who’s going to pull down $20 million a year, a woman who knows nothing about my work, has never read my book, has never spoken to me, has never had me on her show,” Geller said on the “Bernie and Sid” radio show.

Geller then followed up by slamming Kelly’s hair. “I can say what I think. It is a mancut,” Geller said.

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Geller added that Megyn Kelly is desperately auditioning to be the next Diane Sawyer so she can be embraced by liberal mainstream media.

“She wants to be Diane Sawyer,” Geller said. “She wants to be ’60 Minutes.’ She wants to be in the pantheon of what’s left of the gold standard of  ‘journalism.’ ”

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