‘DeploraBall’ sells out in 24 hours but venue refuses to host event after leftists complain

Crybaby Hillary Clinton shills are at it again.

Still upset by Clinton’s defeat, her supporters apparently pressured a Washington, DC-area venue to cancel an inauguration party organized by Donald Trump supporters. The event was meant to be a celebration of the president-elect’s historic victory.

Tickets for the DeploraBall sold out in 24 hours. The shindig was organized by a group called MAGA3X, co-founded by Jack Posobiec, the special projects director of Citizens for Trump.

The DeploraBall was scheduled to take place on January 19 at the Clarendon Ballroom in Arlington, Virginia. After Washington Post reporter Dan Lamothe tweeted out details about the party, Clinton supporters immediately barraged the venue with complaints.

Apparently, sore-loser Clinton fans were upset that the venue was hosting an “alt-right” event, WeAreChange reported. Except that’s not true.

The inauguration party was OPEN TO ALL who wanted to celebrate Trump’s victory. Here’s the description:

“In celebration of this historic event, we will be hosting an Inaugural Ball for the happy warriors who, without byline or book contract, advanced liberty across the country and the world via blogs, social media, guerrilla art, music, video, and good old-fashioned hard work … This is a party by the people, for the people.”

The Clarendon Ballroom is now refusing to host the DeploraBall, claiming the party “was news to us!” Except that declaration appears to be untrue.

DeploraBall co-organizer Mike Cernovich tweeted out a proposed contract the Clarendon Ballroom had sent, including a price quote and a detailed menu.

Cernovich followed up with a statement saying the DeploraBall will look for a bigger, better venue. Sadly, Jack Posobiec said this kind of harassment happens all the time to Trump supporters.

“Hillary voters never get no-platformed,” Posobiec told BizPac Review. “There has been a concerted effort of harassment from businesses, governments, and social media companies discriminating against Trump supporters. This is like refusing to bake a cake for someone based on their personal beliefs.”

UPDATE: The DeploraBall has found a new venue: the National Press Club.

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