Coupon queen attacked for holding up Kroger grocery line, but video shows another side of story

A woman was attacked in a Tennessee grocery store for holding up a check out line for up to 20 minutes all because she was an extreme couponer and had too many coupons to exchange. But store video seems to show that she wasn’t so innocent.

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Coupon queen Megan Wilson claims she was attacked by a man inside a Memphis Kroger store because the man was upset that she was spending so much time playing around with a giant binder filled with coupons at the checkout counter.

Wilson posted her story to Facebook likely expecting to become a viral sensation. In her post she said an “older black man” yelled at her calling her a “junkie” and a “crack head” who is high and needs to check into rehab. She added that he eventually turned on his phone and started recording her. She also claimed the man began saying her kids should be taken away because she is a drug addict.

The extreme couponer ended her video claiming that when she was preparing to leave she accidentally splashed the Kroger customer with her drink whereupon he physically attacked her.

Wilson accused the Kroger employees and security of doing nothing to help her and said that she was posting her video so that someone could identify her attacker and bring him to justice.

On Facebook Wilson captioned this photo: “So this was my cart & all my stuff
when I got up, tried getting a photo of the guy but he was already turning out
the door by the time I could pull out my phone.”

But after her Facebook complaint started ticking up views and her story made the local news, the Memphis police released store surveillance video that seems to show that Wilson was part of the problem and not entirely a victim.

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In her Facebook post, Wilson goes into detail insisting that when she picked up her drink her arm caught on the shelf holding the credit card swiper causing her to accidentally splash her drink toward the man. In her testimony Wilson claims that after she accidentally splashed him with her drink, the man viciously attacked her, turning her shopping cart over, and hitting her in the head. But store video appears to show a far more purposeful action and does not seem to show her arm getting caught on anything.

Indeed, the store video seems to show that Wilson threw her drink at the man on purpose as he stepped up to the cashier and she was preparing to leave.

Memphis TV station WREG even noted that Wilson’s Facebook accusation is “not the whole story.”

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