Trump postpones presser about his businesses; guess which ignoramuses ask ‘what is he’s hiding?’

Mainstream media vultures are at it again.

Panelists at CNN (Clinton News Network) bashed Donald Trump shortly after he postponed a news conference detailing how he’ll handle the potential conflicts of interests arising from his multinational business interests.

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The president-elect was scheduled to address the issue this week but delayed it until January in order to iron out details and to take into account the busy Christmas holiday season.

Not surprisingly, liberal pundits like CNN shill Brian Stelter immediately piled on, trying to impute evil motives to his decision.

“The question is, what is he hiding?” Stelter asked. “What is he afraid to answer?”

Jeffrey Lord, a former member of Ronald Reagan‘s administration, said Trump probably delayed his press conference to make sure he has all his business affairs in order before announcing it to the world.

Trump previously revealed that he will leave his businesses to his children in order to “fully focus on running the country.”

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Ironically, the media had mocked Trump as a failed businessman and repeatedly pointed to his corporate bankruptcies to discredit him as a successful entrepreneur before he got elected.

Now — after the election — these media whine that Trump’s multi-billion-dollar empire is so vast it will trigger all kinds of conflicts of interests. Meanwhile, these same media said hardly anything about the conflicts raised by the billions of dollars the Clinton Foundation raked in when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

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