‘My president was black’ takes internet by storm; The Atlantic mag’s ode to Obama’s skin color backfires!

An article in the liberal online Atlantic magazine is taking identity politics to a whole new level and social media by storm.

The piece titled “My president was black,” reads just how it seems. It’s largely an ode dedicated to President Obama’s skin color and his close ties to hip-hop celebrities.

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In gushing detail the writer, Ta-Neshi Coates pays homage to the Obama family, and the president in particular, not for what’s he’s accomplished under the ultimate title, President of the United States, but for winning the title – twice.

“Moreover, he had not embarrassed his people with a string of scandals,” Coates wrote.

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His people? Does the writer mean the American people? Judging from the context, probably not, but in any regard, it’s just one example of how the article plays out. There are of course, numerous scandals under the Obama regime — Fast and Furious, IRS targeting conservatives, Benghazi, the VA atrocity — just to name a few, but with the media on your side, it’s easy to dismiss.

And dismiss, the gist of this post does.

While there were plenty of folks with their heads willingly in the sand praising the piece, there were plenty more ready and willing to call it out as they see it:

Heck no. Not a peep.


That would be a big, fat, NO.



Really? Where have you been “Bibya?” America had regressed at warp speed under Obama’s divisive and scandalous administration. Thankfully, not everyone is drinking the Kool-Aid.



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