Elizabeth Warren’s October ‘big-boy pants’ tweets are seriously the most delicious irony ever!

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Oh, how the worm has turned.

In light of recent events, perhaps Elizabeth Warren regrets posting this October Tweet:

Kudos to Twitchy for digging up this gem!

Julian Assange associate: It was a leak, not a hack and the DNC insider is NOT Russian

So, where to even start? Now the Dems are claiming the election was rigged. THEY are the ones who lost “fair & square,” and their candidate is the one who needs to put on her “big-boy pants” (or pantsuit) and take responsibility for losing an election she was ‘supposed’ to have won. Hypocrisy anyone?

And then there’s this:

Just … wow!

As several Twitter users pointed out, it’s hard to miss the hypocrisy:

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Scott Morefield

Scott Morefield

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Scott Morefield

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