Dems are having a really bad day! Trump picks fmr Texas Gov. Rick Perry for ironic Cabinet job

Just as the media’s ranting and raging about Trump’s latest Cabinet pick, the president-elect taps a new one.

Donald Trump is reportedly picking 2012 presidential contender, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry to serve as Secretary of Energy, CBS reported.

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Perry had been spotted at Trump Tower last week, presumably to meet with the president-elect about the position, and details were finalized on Sunday, according to CBS.

And get ready for the Democrat and media uproar over the nomination.

Perry sits on the corporate board for Energy Transfer Partners that is involved in building the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline, CBS reported.

Obama had recently blocked the Dakota Access Pipeline easement due to environmental concerns and Native American protests – a move Trump said he’d reverse.


Add to that, the fact that Perry once famously suggested the Department of Energy should be shut down.

“The third agency of government I would — I would do away with Education, the –Commerce…Commerce and, let’s see. I can’t. The third one, I can’t. Sorry — oops,” Perry stammered at a presidential debate in 2011.

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Later in the debate Perry remembered it was the Department of Energy.

As you can imagine, the fireworks over Perry’s new position have already started:

Others, were seemingly more than OK with the pick:

While folks obsess over Perry’s one-time gaffe, they conveniently forget that Perry was a successful governor whose state largely grew economically and in population while the rest of the country faltered under the Obama regime.



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