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‘Intellectual laziness and rot’: Tucker Carlson rides ineffective media for calling Trump cabinet names

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Tucker Carlson called out the media for being “intellectually lazy” in refusing to address specific issues while resorting to simple name-calling instead.

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The Fox News host blasted Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin’s criticism of President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet choices. Rubin referred to his picks as “ignoramuses, billionaires and a few generals” during an appearance on MSNBC on Sunday.

“This is the main problem I have, not just with Jennifer Rubin, but with this whole style of argument,” Carlson said on “Fox and Friends” on Monday.

“It’s not really an argument, it’s name-calling” he explained.

Carlson clarified that he believes every one of Trump’s cabinet candidates should be “vetted by a robust, smart and independent press,” but pointed out that this is not what’s happening.

“Tell me what you think is wrong with Rex Tillerson or whomever, but to just dismiss out of hand those people without addressing what they think is not an effective way to do that,” Carlson said.

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“And it just shows the kind of intellectual laziness and rot that has set in Washington,” he added.

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