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‘Total respect!’ Troops show their love for Trump at Army-Navy game; check out the video, photos

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The annual Army-Navy game is a proud American tradition often attended by U.S. Presidents ever since Theodore Roosevelt first attended a snow-filled event in 1901. George W. Bush attended three. President Obama even made it to one, in 2011.

The 117th annual game, however, saw the first president-elect on record in attendance when Donald Trump and his retinue made their way inside the box of Republican adviser and West Point graduate David Urban during the first quarter.


If you were at the game or watching on television, you couldn’t have missed Trump’s entrance thanks to the massive cheers coming from the military cadets in attendance.

Here’s another angle, and a group of cadets cheering when the scoreboard showed Trump entering the stadium:

It’s obvious the military loves Trump, and he loves them back. Army even had a locker prepared for the president-elect!

Trump even did some play-by-play with the announcers and noted people cheering “Make America great again!”

“It’s a friendly crowd,” Trump said, to a response of “Indeed.”

In the game, Army broke a 14-year losing streak to Navy, winning the contest 21-17.

It was such a great day, even Michael Moore had to admit the obvious!

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Scott Morefield


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