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No, Fisher-Price did not launch the Happy Hour Playset for kids, but boy did it stir up some trouble

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For all the hysteria from the left over “fake news,” with a little imagination, it can be the source of fun.

Take for example someone’s use of Photoshop to create a new Fisher-Price toy — the Happy Hour Playset with fake bottles of hooch included. It was created by meme maker Adam Padilla and posted to Instagram earlier this month, Business Insider reported.

But apparently, people are taking it so seriously that they’re writing angry letters to the toy company demanding that it be removed from store shelves.

The complaints were so numerous that the toy company released a statement:

In the last few weeks some comical, yet fictional, Fisher-Price products have been introduced ― perhaps the result of adult writers, designers and comedians that were Fisher-Price kids themselves. As a premiere childhood development company focused on helping families get the best possible start in life, we take our role in developing toys and products very seriously, but can appreciate the recent product-development suggestions as obvious love of the brand.


This isn’t the first time that Fisher-Price has been spoofed with a make-believe toy. “Saturday Night Live” introduced a Fisher-Price “Well for sensitive little boys” on its December 3 broadcast.

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The “Happy Hour Playlet,” which was created and posted by Padilla two days after the “SNL” spoof, became the topic of discussion on social media when WCHS Eyewitness News asked this question:.

They got their answer loud and clear.

Some took it seriously.

One was upset for an entirely different reason — that the toy didn’t exist.

Everyone take a deep breath and lighten up — it’s called humor.


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