‘Surprise, surprise.’ NYT story on college Trump fans asking for ‘safe spaces’ comes up short – way short

Looks like after a long period of biased presidential campaign coverage The New York Times has once again been caught publishing fake news.

This time, the “paper of record” is selling a story with a headline claiming that Donald Trump voters on college campuses are demanding their own “safe space” yet the actual story sporting that headline doesn’t quote or name a single Trump-voting student who asked for a safe space.

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The Times story in question was published on December 8 and is titled, “On Campus, Trump Fans Say They Need ‘Safe Spaces.'”

But the story was flagged by Kirsten Powers who jumped to her Twitter account to ask the paper where all these Trump voters asking for a safe space were in their story….


Indeed, as Twitchy.com notes, after reading the story it does claim that Trump voters on campus are asking for a “safe space” so they can be Trump fans without harassment, yet not one student is identified and not one student is quoted directly in the piece as asking for that safe space. The claim is made by the NYT author but no evidence is presented to show it.

Even the person pictured in the Times article didn’t ask for any safe spaces. In fact, the girl in the main photo was actually ridiculing liberals for demanding safe spaces, not asking for one herself.

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More amazingly, the conservative student in the main photo, 20-year-old Michigan student Amanda Delekta, not only didn’t ask for a safe space, but she protested to her school administration when classes were canceled after Trumps victory because the special snowflakes in her class were “too upset” to go to class.

Delekta was outraged, the Times story reports. “Nobody has died,” Delekta said. “The United States has not died. Democracy is more alive than ever. Simply put, the American people voted and Trump won.”

The student even launched a petition to criticize the school for treating Trump’s election as some sort of national emergency.

So, far from demanding a safe space, the only conservative student the story focuses on was demanding just the opposite!

Yet, as Kirsten Powers points out, the headline falsely claims it is conservatives seeking safe spaces.

If that isn’t fake news, what is?

Naturally, reaction was quick on the story…

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