See what millions are calling a Biblical stationary storm barrier protecting Israel from ISIS

An epic storm cloud near Israel had some people convinced that the hand of God was at work.

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Video footage of the storm cloud of dust and rain was posted to Facebook by Israel News Online and captioned “The hand of Hashem,” a reference to the name of God.

The storm of Biblical proportions was believed by many of the over 7 million who have viewed it to have been sent by God to act as a “barrier between ISIS and Israel.”

The “weather phenomenon,” which the post claimed happened December 1 at around 8 a.m., allegedly stopped on the border of Syria, “in the same place where ISIS attacked Israel.” The storm did not cross over into Israel but appeared to stop at the border creating a barrier.

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Comments to the Facebook post had many viewers thanking God and referring to the ancient Biblical account of the divine protection of Israel from Egyptians.


Some viewers did not see the massive cloud – or its behavior – as anything other than an act of nature.


 Israel News commented again on the video saying they “never expected” the reaction it has received.

With over 7 million views on Facebook, the video of the epic storm cloud certainly sparked hundreds of comments and thanks to God.

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