Two teen girls die in car crash while live streaming on Facebook


Trump fans vs ‘Star Wars’ creators BATTLE it out on Twitter — with Obama’s brother leading the charge!

Proving once again, fact really is stranger than fiction.

Crybaby Hillary fans chop off their hair in defiance. Meanwhile, Venezuelan women sell theirs for FOOD

“Liberalism is truly a mental disorder.”

Too many generals in Trump’s Cabinet? Dem rep. slams her own Party for ‘discrimination against vets’

“I found it pretty offensive.”

Air Force Veteran and his service dog BOTH hired by Lowe’s – and folks just can’t get enough of it

“Because they were the best person for the job.”

Unhinged former Clinton staffer launches anti-Trump website: ‘Corrupt as F**k’

Get a grip.

Former chief CIA interrogator says waterboarding works — and he would know

“We didn’t have time to dither.”

Looking forward to Melania as FLOTUS? Not so fast! There might be an unconventional surprise

The Trumps certainly do things their way.

MSNBC’s Mika outs Team Clinton, says NBC got retaliatory call for her election coverage

“I’ll just say it.”

Obama launches intelligence probe into election 2016, wants report on his desk before he leaves office

“The quickest he’s moved on anything.”

See what millions are calling a Biblical stationary storm barrier protecting Israel from ISIS

“Maybe it’s just a coincidence that it sat between ISIS and… “

Trump hilariously trolls press via Wi-Fi access, and it can only be described as one big ball of awesome

Well played.

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