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Stein’s stunt disclosed some shady dealings on how Detroit’s votes were counted, over and over again

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Jill Stein’s short-lived Michigan recount did uncover discrepancies with the counting of votes, and it wasn’t what Democrats wanted to hear.

It didn’t uncover hacking from those dastardly Russians but rather, good old-fashioned Democrat “mistakes.”

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In Wayne County, which includes Detroit and overwhelmingly voted for Hillary Clinton, around one-third of the precincts might have been disqualified from recount as 610 of 1,680 precincts votes couldn’t be reconciled.

Why can they not be reconciled?

As it happens, many votes appear to have been counted more than one time, the Detroit News reported.

In 59 percent of the precincts in Detroit the ballot report did not match the actual number of ballots and thus are disqualified from being recounted, according to the News.

“It’s not good,” Daniel Baxter, the elections director for Detroit said.

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And Baxter was kidding.

Recount watcher, Ken Crider, reported on Facebook that in one precinct he saw a sealed box that claimed 306 votes. When it was opened it contained only 50 paper ballots.



But the Democrat Party can breather a sigh of relief as the Michigan recount has been officially cancelled.

A bipartisan panel of two Republicans and two Democrats ended it on Thursday after a federal judge dropped his order for a recount, the News reported.

“It was determined that their vote yesterday addressed the order from the Court of Appeals, so there’s no need to vote and the recount is stopped,” Fred Woodhams, a spokesman for the Secretary of State, said.

Below Ingham County Clerk Barb Byrum tried to explain to reporters how voting precincts could be disqualified from recount:

h/t: Gateway Pundit.

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