Megyn Kelly booed, gets the middle finger from Kathy Griffin for saying give Trump a chance

megyn-kelly-booed-kathy-griffinMegyn Kelly is getting lots of practice being booed this year.

The TV personality was cursed at and booed by leftist comedian Kathy Griffin for saying there’s a lot to admire about Donald Trump.

Kelly made the remarks at the Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment breakfast, where she commented:

I have high hopes for him. Despite the tweets and all the rest of it, there is much to admire about Donald Trump.”

At that point, Griffin booed loudly and yelled, “F*ck him!” Kelly jokingly chided Griffin by saying, “Stop that. Stop that.”

Griffin — who’s desperately shilling a new book — later bragged about the outburst on Twitter.

Kelly was loudly cheered when she praised two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and gushed that Michelle Obama “set the example for us all in how to stand up for what we believe in with grace and class.”

She then continued discussing Trump, lest the audience lose interest:

“We should appeal to his best angels … and hold him to account when the little devils appear.

When and if the dark forces rear their heads, we must maintain our dignity. [And] if a fight is unavoidable, then we fight, with composure and with grace.”

Once a conservative darling, the Fox News host has fallen out of favor with some Republicans after she repeatedly slammed Trump during the campaign season.

“The Kelly File” enjoyed record ratings after she clashed with Trump at the first presidential debate.

Kelly recently criticized Trump for claiming that he won the popular vote if you exclude the millions of illegal aliens who voted. “Why does he have to make up information that he also won the popular vote, which he lost?” she asked.

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