Guess why Dem lobbyists decided to cancel Christmas extravaganzas? (Hint: It has to do with Trump)

dcnfPhillip Stucky, DCNF

A P.R. firm that worked with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton joined another P.R. firm to formally cancel Christmas parties throughout the 2016 Christmas season, according to Page Six.

Sunshine Sachs owner Ken Sunshine is a Democratic adviser who donated to the Clinton campaign. The two groups announced they were canceling their respective Christmas parties because President-elect Donald Trump won the election, according to internal emails obtained by Page Six. The emails also reportedly revealed that Planned Parenthood was one of the “charities” who would be receiving the cash saved from canceling the parties.


“Ain’t no party like a Sunshine Sachs party, but this year ain’t no party,” an internal email announced to employees. Instead of spending the money on the annual tradition, firm leaders announced they planned to donate the money to charity instead.

The first firm to cancel their holiday party was LaForce, who originally sent out an invite with a picture of Clinton in a “festive elf outfit.”

“So confident were we of her victory, we designed and printed the invitation before Nov. 8. Election day didn’t go as we’d hoped. So, it’s with deep regret that we are canceling this year’s party,” the invitation read.

LaForce also announced it would be donating the money saved from the canceled party to charity, but specifically mentioned planned parenthood as a potential recipient of the money.

The LaForce extravaganza was to include 1,000 guests and include male dancers wearing nothing but red, white, and blue body paint.

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