Stein’s stunt disclosed some shady dealings on how Detroit’s votes were counted, over and over again

“It’s not good.”

Michael Moore feigns DEEP concern over Trump missing briefings; glosses right over Obama’s record

“I beg you. Seriously.”

Monica Lewinsky was almost asking for the backlash when she weighed in on Time’s ‘Person of the Year’

“I’m sorry she fell for Weasel Willie’s line of crap, but..”

Guess why Dem lobbyists decided to cancel Christmas extravaganzas? (Hint: It has to do with Trump)

“Ain’t no party like a Sunshine Sachs party, but this year…”

Campus cop in hot seat for shooting knife-wielding student who was lunging at peers

“My kid was right there. He could’ve been hurt.”

Young environmentalist hyperventilates when Tucker asks a simple question

He really is enjoying his new gig, isn’t he?

Pro-Trump autoworker completely schools Michael Moore with some real-world truth

“He’s done more for me than any Democrat’s done in my lifetime.”

Legendary Marine, astronaut John Glenn passes away at 95

He led an extraordinary life, indeed.

Memories flood in when Dems demand to know what’s in GOP health care bill BEFORE Obamacare’s replaced

“Reap what you sow … ”

Illegal alien deported 8 times returns and kills 2 women; CNN’s Jake Tapper reports on it…sort of

“You biased fraud.”

‘Cheers’ star is back with one big message for America: ‘The adults are back in charge’

We’ll take it from here, kiddies.

‘Don’t touch me!’ New footage of Cologne attacks on New Years’ Eve 2015

Approximately 1,000 women reported sexual assaults.

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