Who’s the Republican ‘crap weasel’ Michelle Malkin is sounding off warnings about? Hint – he’s the ‘biggest’

Michelle Malkin didn’t hold back on Tuesday when she blasted Paul Ryan and congressional Republicans as the biggest danger to Donald Trump’s Presidency.

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“These people have learned nothing in the same way the established Democrats and the establishment liberals in the media have learned nothing,” she told Fox News’ Lou Dobbs. I believe that this current GOP, so-called, leadership is going to pose even more headaches and will be a bigger threat to Donald Trump and his American sovereignty agenda than the outright liberals will be.”

She said Republicans in the establishment are “liars and phonies” who “pay lip service” to American families and workers but do little to nothing to help them as they keep their stranglehold on power.

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And the conservative firebrand nailed House Speaker Paul Ryan as one of the main obstacles to Trump’s agenda.

“Paul Ryan is, and I’m not going to mince words, I’ve said it before, I believe he’s one of the biggest crap weasels in the Republican party. He is a threat,” she told Dobbs. “Now at least there are some Johnny come lately’s who are awakening to the fact that he is not Donald Trump’s friend.”

Rep. Bill Flores, who is an ally of Ryan, indicated in comments to an insider group that there would be opposition to some of Trump’s agenda from the Republicans in Congress.

His comments came on the same day Ryan filmed an interview with “60 Minutes” where he outlined his vision of Trump’s first 100 days in office and it didn’t include the president-elect’s signature immigration reform policies.

Many on social media agreed with Malkin’s belief that many Republicans want to continue the status quo.

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