‘Dumbf**kistan?’ Kid Rock’s new TOTALLY irreverent Trump apparel is killing every humorless liberal on the planet

Kid Rock is not hiding his love for Donald Trump nor his venom for liberals with a new line of t-shirts he just released.

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The “American Badass” singer, whose real name is Robert Ritchie, released three shirts on his website for fellow Trump fans.

One reads “God, Guns & Trump” in red, white and blue letters. Another has a map of the United States with the red states labeled the “United States of America” and the blue states labeled “Dumbf**kistan.” And a third has a more raunchy message.



It reads “Onald Trump'” and underneath it says “the D is missing because it’s in every hater’s mouth.”


Rock said he created the shirts due to “popular demand” for one of the shirts he wore during a performance.

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Not surprisingly humorless liberals laced into the 45-year-old Detroit rock star.

Yeah like all the celebrities who quietly supported Hillary Clinton.

Yeah, that’s exactly the same as snarky shirts.

It’s good that liberals don’t insult people with opposing viewpoints.

Trump fans loved the shirts and had an idea of where Rock ought to perform next.

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